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Lionscove – Mortage Lender

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“As a mortgage & private lending platform it’s not easy to come across with heart & a human touch. That’s why we hired Lovepixel to infuse our business with their design. Truly stunning & unique result for the mortgage industry. Excellent. ”

Liam Leonard
CEO of Lionscove

MSR – Staffing Resources

“Christian and his team at Lovepixel are exceptional. Their work is really beyond anything I could have thought of. So kind, so loving & such epic designs. Thank you so much again!”

Ellann Miranda
MSR Staffing Resources

Loft Card 1 Boss Babe Photography 86 copy

“As a German solar company we were looking for a partner who not only is strong in design but also knows the market and its culture. With Lovepixel’s founder Christian being German we found the perfect fit. Thanks for all the hard work.”

Markus Kalke
Site Engineer at Solaritec


“The only way to be different online is by appearance. In the crypto sector you really need to be cutting edge otherwise your product will be looked as mediocre. Thanks for creating an impressive site for us.”

Payton Walker
Founder of CryptoShovel