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Preston Smiles – Influencer Coach


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“This man is a web design monster in the best way possible. Christian and his team created an epic web-presence for me, with all modern animations and graphics. He’s truly dedicated and goes the extra mile when it comes to making you stand out. Everything he does comes from his heart.
Keep it going man – Love louder. “

Preston Smiles
Influencer Coach

Oto Gomes – Crypto Wealth Coach


“I was immediately surprised by Lovepixel’s confidence to create something out of the box. Not sure what’s in the water they’re drinking, but their way to bring this crypto inspired website to life was amazing. I’m still amazed at looking at it.”

Oto Gomes
Crypto Wealth Coach

Teo Alfero – Author & Healer


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“Christian and his team at Lovepixel are true masters of their craft. Not only did they create a website, they created a symphony. A symphony that speaks and expresses my core as a brand visually like no other. Infinite gratitude and thank you for your gift to the world.”

Teo Alfero
Author of “The Wolf Connection”

Rick William – Emotional Mastery Coach


“It was time to present my coaching brand under a sacred, authentic container of beauty & functionality. I am honored to have found Lovepixel to create such an accurate representation of who I am in my core. Thank you deeply for nailing it!”

Rick William
Emotional Mastery Coach

Laura Dawn – Plant Medicine Influencer


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“Lovepixel’s work is truly stunning. They know how to bring a website ALIVE, with all its bells and whistles. Lovepixel Agency has used a variety of effects to make our design stand out from the crowd. Scroll animations, smooth transitions and not to forget the mobile friendly design. This really helped us to increase donor engagement & increase conversion. “

Laura Dawn
Psychedelic Leadership Podcast

Rising Man – Dojo


“I don’t know how to tell you, but Lovepixel Agency has some sort of secret sauce. All the designs & websites they touch convert way better. We will continue to put our trust, design and web development into your agency. You are the best!”

Jeddy Azuma
Rising Man Founder

MAGI – NFT Marketplace


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“Finally a web agency that understands how to successfully combine the cryptospace with an artistic touch. I love the minimal, celestial, arsty look of our new website. Thanks to Lovepixel we have over 200+ people on our waitlist for our launch.”

Kelsey Candra
Founder of aMAGInation

George Bryant – Marketing Expert


“I LOOOOVE MY WEBSITE. Can’t express enough how epic this came out. So happy I let the guys at Lovepixel do their thing. Creativity is always a dance between dreamer and doer. Lovepixel has both. THANKS, for real!”

George Bryant
Relationships beat Algorithms™

Sarah antwerpes – celebrity coach


” As a celebrity coach I need a certain elegant, distinctive look online. I wanted a website that looked like Vogue Magazine. Not an easy task, but Lovepixel Agency did it. It has truly accomplished creating a 100% representation of my brand online.”

Sarah Antwerpes
Celebrity Coach

Maria Felipe – Author & Speaker


“If you’re looking for an agency who brings skill, heart AND digital perfection to the table, Lovepixel is it. ”

Maria Felipe
Bestselling Author of Live Your Happy™

Acea Spades – Agency Owner


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“Love, Love, Love this man’s energy and the whole vibe his agency carries. Christian is such a kind soul and the vision he extracts from everyone that he encounters is amazing. He truly hit the spot with my design and I have a feeling he will do the same with yours. A true artwork!”

Acea Spades
Agency Owner

Modern Renaissance Man


“We did it. And boy, are we glad we found Lovepixel as our partner. What an epic agency. Thank you for all the hard work & Love you put in your design and creations. The result speaks volumes.”

Voy Wiacek

21 Day Fitness Challenge


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“I was ready to step up my game in the online fitness industry when I found Lovepixel as my agency of choice. Loved the way they worked with me. So personal, so close, it was amazing. Other agencies you wait 2 months to get stuff done, but Lovepixel was able to launch my 21 Day Challenge in 15 business days. Amazing!”

Cristina Onofrei
Influencer & Fitness Coach

“Since Mantalks is an established brand, it was time for a redesign for our already successful podcast & programs. Lovepixel Agency came by referral from a good friend and I won’t lie, they did not disappoint. On all levels they performed and outstanding job. Our website feels more alive than ever with all animations and designs created!”

Conor Beaton
Founder Mantalks

Brenden Durell – Coach + Cacao ceremonialist


“As a coach in today’s world you need an edge. And that edge is usually design & usability even in the spiritual domain. So happy I found Christian for all that he does and radiates. You shine so much Love & Light. Thanks for co-creating my brand with me.”

Brenden Durell
Coach + Cacao Ceremonialist

Chris Bloom


“I’ve known Christian for long-time and noticed the difference that he has not only design but also conversion in mind. I’m highly satisfied with the usability and exposure I’ve gotten through my site. Love you bro!”

Chris Bloom
Coach & Author of Heartset over Mindset

Hanna Augenstein


“Loved working with Lovepixel Agency. They took my online presence from 0 to 100 in no time. So grateful my friend connected us & for all the beauty & Love you put in what you do. Highly recommend.”

Hanna Augenstein
Speaker & Personal Empowerment Coach

“I absolutely LOVE working with Christian & Lovepixel Agency. It is rare to find someone who can both design and develop conversion-focused pages. He is incredibly responsive, highly creative, and understands how to create a design that will convert into sales.”

Shereen Sun
Sacred Business Coach

Monika Carless


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“Amazing design comes at a price, that I am so willing to pay because their work is just so stunningly beautiful. I love the way you animated and brought my site to life, with all its layers and unique layouts.”

Monika Carless
Intuitive Coach

The School for the Ecocene


“What an honor to co-create my new web presence with an agency that is so in alignment to what I am teaching: Love, unity & creativity. Lovepixel’s work has helped me so much to finally represent WHO I am in my core to radiate the message outwards – you’re the best!”

Sarita Doe
Founder of the School for the Ecocene

Julia Schmitz – Owner of Logoinstitut


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“As Germany’s first TV-Host academy we were looking for a partner that not only speaks German, but also excels at creativity. In the media industry it’s important to me to be personable and to stand out. That’s exactly what Lovepixel Agency accomplished with their design for us.”

Julia Schmitz
Influencer Coach

Daniel Schlau


“Was looking for a simple, conversion optimized landing page design and got referred by a friend to Lovepixel Agency. I love that they are a small, personable team. Design & execution was done within 15 business days. Where do you find that in the agency world?”

Daniel Schlau
Father/Mental Coach

Operation Organization


“Lovepixel enabled me to have a beautiful web presence that reflects my brand and character online, pixel-perfect.”

Katrina Teeple
Founder & CEO, Operation Organization

“As an Influencer & thought leader it is key to have someone at your side who excels at branding & conversion optimization. Lovepixel Agency is exactly that. ”

Preston Smiles
Influencer, Coach & #Love’s Voice

Chanelle Sowden


“As a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor it’s highly important to transmit a feeling of safety online and offline for my clients. Lovepixel helped me to do so. Thank you!”

Chanelle Sowden
Psychotherapeutic Counsellor & Inner Child Healer

Volker schmidt


“Incredible master of design of development. I am impressed. This agency brings skill, heart AND digital perfection to the table, Lovepixel is my #1 choice for everything Online.”

Volker Schmidt
Founder of MasterYourGolf.com

“Love is in everything I do.”

Christian Mauerer
Founder of Lovepixel Agency & Loverope

Hannah Marie Muse


“It is rare to find design and techology in that combination. On top of it their spiritual nature is a great addition and makes it so much more joyful to work with Lovepixel. Thanks so much!”

Hannah Marie Muse
Intuitive & Relationship Coach

Sumanah – Luxury Wellness Travel


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“Beauty. Beauty. Beauty all around.
Soso grateful to have found you & was guided to hire Lovepixel to create my web presence. Truly gifted they are. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Shannon Amos
Founder of Sumanah