Calling all: Solopreneurs, Yoga Teachers, Healers, Artists, Coaches…

3 day website challenge 

build a highly converting
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without ANY Experience or Tech Knowledge in 3 Days

don’t worry I’ll help you 🙂

Create your epic Website
in less than 3 Days

The Next
“Website Creation CHALLENGE”
Starts 17th january!

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Get Daily Training, Coaching, and FREE Templates EVERY DAY for 3 Days!

Why “Website Creation challenge”?

Are you..

Struggling to build a website that looks epic, unique & reflects who you are at your essence?

Have tried other PLATFORMS (like Squarespace, Wix etc.) that don’t allow the flexibility and extendability you’d like (membership platform, online course etc.)

Banging your head against the wall trying to get all the technical stuff WORKING SEAMLESSLY? 

Trying to figure out how to get a WEBSITE up that YOU love and not only your designer?

Looking for a way to COLLECT email addresses & start putting yourself out there?

DON’T WANT to pay someone for $1000-$2000 to do ALL OF IT for you?


Website Creation Challenge

Hi, I’m Christian Mauerer.

I am the CEO & Founder of Lovepixel Agency.
Over the past 7 years, I’ve built and designed 100’s of successful websites & sales pages for Influencers, Artists, Healers, Solopreneurs to small businesses to midsize and large companies and entrepreneurs just like you.

A lot of my clients had wanted the ease of use & flexibility with their online brand, and wanted to use my website skills & templates in their business, but they didn’t know WHERE TO START or HOW to build one THE RIGHT WAY.

It is my greatest honor to bring this to you:

So here’s what I did.

I spent over 125+ hours dissecting, analyzing, and hacking the world’s most successful and profitable Websites in a multitude of different niches.

I discovered WHY these websites worked so well…the patterns, structure, format, psychology, marketing, and execution…

And poured everything I learned into a Proven System – complete with templates and a simple step by step strategy.

And created a one-of-a-kind training called, “Website Creation Challenge”.

Here’s the cool thing:

The Website Creation Challenge works no matter what your product or service.

I’ll show you exactly how to build and launch your highly converting Website in JUST 3 Days.

At the end of 3 DAYS, your Website will be LIVE and up and running!

If you’re starting out, this Challenge can save you months of trying to figure it out on your own.

If you’re already a seasoned designer or someone who has played with websites before, you’re going to love how to easily add this highly-converting course to your arsenal of knowledge.

take the “Website Creation challenge” &
Create your Website in 3 Days


it’s FREE

Ready To Launch your

New Website 3 Days from now?

Get Daily Training, Coaching, and FREE Templates EVERY DAY for 3 Days!

100% Risk FREE Guarantee

You’re Protected By Unconditional 15 day Guarantee
We so much believe in you, the program and it’s value that we’re giving you an unconditional 15 Day money-back guarantee. In other words: If for any reason you’re not happy and satisfied with the program, simply send us an email requesting a refund and you’ll get an instant refund. It’s that easy.

How the challenge works


The goal is to get your Website up and running in record time…

So you can launch and go LIVE and start building your list and generate sales IMMEDIATELY.

The Challenge Creation Bootcamp works no matter what your product or service.

This system was purposely designed to get your Website COMPLETED and out the door in 3 Days!

But there’s a catch…

You MUST be willing to COMMIT to starting and finishing the bootcamp so you can have a lead and sales generating Website ready to launch in 3 Days.

Take advantage of this opportunity by making the commitment to yourself and your family to FOCUS and TAKE ACTION TO GET IT DONE!

3 Days is all it takes.

Are you up for the Challenge? 😉

what you get

3 Days of LIVE Challenge Creation Videos

Every day for 3 days we’ll jump on a LIVE video where I personally take you by the hand to complete the specific tasks that it takes to get you closer to your goal of completing your website.

You’ll know exactly what to do, including how to:
Build and design your website
Create and structure an epic website
Create a Logo for FREE
Create your brand colors in 30 seconds
Get access to FREE stock photography
Drive Traffic to your website
Create a beautiful brand

Integrate & Automate your email collection and social media

Collect Emails & start monetizing your website

Other fun tips & tricks, I am HERE to serve YOU, ask me anything during the LIVE sessions…

You’ll know how to build & design a pixel-perfect website for your audience. You’ll see the RESULT at the end of each video training session when you do the work. By the end of 3 days, you’ll have a completed website ready to launch!


The entire Website Creation process is laid out for you in this robust and detailed roadmap. Each phase, every step of the way. It’s your personal blueprint so you know where you are on your journey. All you have to do is follow along. Super simple.


This workbook is your companion to the video training, from Day 1 through Day 3. 

It’s your place to check off your wins, see your progress, and keep track of new ideas.
It’s your start to finish journal where you’ll keep everything organized.

conversion optimized Website Templates & Layouts

I’ve taken the guesswork out of the building and creation of your Website with my proprietary templates and elements. After going through over 100+ websites across a multitude of niches… And uncovering the reasons WHY they were so profitable… These time-tested and proven scripts, templates, and checklists will help ensure quick implementation and success.

1take the “Website Creation challenge” &
Create your Website in 3 Days


it’s FREE

Ready To Launch your

New Website 3 Days from now?

Get Daily Training, Coaching, and FREE Templates EVERY DAY for 3 Days!

plus these bonuses

bonus #1 - 100 conversion optimization casestudies

Ever wonder what a highly converting website looks like? I did my research and will present you 100+ examples of conversion optimization tricks you can use on your website.

bonus #2 - traffic generation webinar

Your Website is built.

Now it’s time to drive traffic and get your prospects hooked on booking your service or buying your product.

In this exclusive bonus training, I’ll show you ways to get visitors to your website…

people who took the challenge

Our clients span from all over the world. We operate on 2 continents: Europe & North America
“THIS CHALLENGE has saved my day. I’m so happy I came across Christian and his 3 Day Website Challenge because it finally taught me everything what I need to build an epic website that CONVERTS. Saved so much time AND MOST OF ALL MONEY. The value you get in this challenge is like having a web designer as a personal coach.”
Hannah Maria Muse, Los Angeles

Spiritual Coach & Speaker,

“The Website Creation Challenge enabled me to have a beautiful web presence that reflects my brand and character ONLINE, pixel-perfect.”

Katrina Teeple, Texas

CEO & Founder of Operation Organization,

“I’ve sent several people – from authors to coaches – to Christian to do his challenge so they can build an epic website without hiring an expensive agency. ”
Preston Smiles, Los Angeles

#1 Bestselling Author & Life Coach,

“The Website Creation Challenge helped me to finally master web design. The Divi theme is amazing and I am so grateful to be part of the challenge. If you’re looking for a mentor who brings skill, heart AND digital perfection to the table, Christian is it. ”
Shereen Sun, Los Angeles

Life Coach & Bringer of Radiance,

“Incredible master of DESIGN of development. I am impressed with this challenge. Christian brings skill, heart AND digital PERFECTION to the table. This challenge is way cheaper than hiring someone to do your website.”

Volker Schmidt, Germany

Founder of LyndenConcierge,

“As a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor it’s highly important to transmit a feeling of SAFETY online and offline for my clients. Christian helped me to do exactly that with his CHALLENGE, by giving me CONTROL over the creation process. Thank you!”

Chanelle Sowden, United Kingdom

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor & Influencer,

What You’ll Learn

How to BUILD an epic website that reflects who you are

How to COLLECT email addresses automatically

How to make a Logo for FREE yourself

How to DRIVE traffic to your website

How to INTEGRATE & AUTOMATE your existing services (email, social media etc.) to your website/business

Start on Friday, launch on Sunday

Why Branding & websites

When someone Googles your name, are you proud of what they find? Is it amplifying your influence & brand – or detracting from it?

Your Website is the CENTER of your online universe. Every ad, social media post, PR feature, and email (including ones you send manually) leads back to your website… and most personal brands and even company websites are LEAKING LEADS and often hurting your reputation.

Which Page builder are we going to use*

*works with any theme or WordPress website

We are going to use Divi.

It’s the #1 page builder for WordPress on the web.

Used by over 589,541 people


Divi Takes WordPress To A Whole New Level With Its Incredibly Advanced Visual Builder Technology

You’ve never built a WordPress website like this before & I use it with all my clients.

Divi is more than just a WordPress theme, it’s a completely new website building platform that replaces the standard WordPress post editor with a vastly superior visual editor.

It can be enjoyed by design professionals and newcomers alike, giving you the power to create spectacular designs with surprising ease and efficiency.

Integrates with Everyting

what you can expect

Create the look and feel that represents your brand online
LIVE classes & support (you can ask me anything)
Learn how to DO IT YOURSELF – pixel-perfect
All Responsive & Mobile-Ready
#1 Theme and Layout included FREE
Can’t attend LIVE classes, no problem REPLAY available
Daily Accountability Check-ins
24/ WhatsApp & Email Support

my mission

my mission is to help you create a website that you love & that creates the business results you want from it.

My mission is to empower you to expand your brand & message to the world.
I am here to fully support you with my Digital Jedi Skills to show the universe (y)our beauty.
I do so by creating off-the-socks creative material & Websites with you.
No matter if Personal Website, Author/Book Launchpage, Online Shop, Membership Platform or Online Course Platform – I am here for you.

Christian mauerer
Your Instructor Head of Design at Lovepixel Agency

I’m your Personal Coach and Mentor

I know how it is when you create your own website for the first time, dear one.

The reason most people fall short creating an epic website is because they don’t have a coach or mentor to show them the little tricks that make the creation process so much easier & shorter.

There is an invaluable asset in having a mentor, a knowledgable friend to talk to in regards to web design & technology.

And this is my aspiration, to be a mentor for you & answer any questions you have in regards to making your website a success.

This is what drives me and what you’re going to get when you join the “Website Creation Challenge.”

Where to start
What to do and How to do it
Creating the perfect website
Daily goals

why this challenge is unique

Because you PAY LESS for this entire challenge than you do for the entire WordPress theme if you buy it regularly #nobrainer

Because you get 1on1 Access to my Skills & Time for which I charge $50/h for my clients #score

Because it’s fun to create togehter VS alone 😉 #cocreation

Because it’s LIVE, ask me ANY questions / things you have complications with during this process

Because it’s structured so your website is LIVE within 3 Days

Because it’s paaaaaacked with resources that will save you time (3 Days – hello?! ??) + money ($197 vs $1000 for a freelancer)

only question is: are you gonna show up

For Yourself
Just like with anything in life. Are you going to show up. Show up for yourself – show up for your family. We all have priorities & IF you are going to take this challenge you have to make it a priority OTHERWISE it is a waste of time.


If you’re not serious about your business or aren’t willing to put in the time and effort to do what it takes to achieve your goals, then please don’t sign up for this challenge. I’ve done everything I can with this challenge to help you succeed. YOU have to do the work. I can’t make you do it. If you do what I show you, and keep at, you’ll see results. But I can’t force you to do a thing (thank God xD). Can’t make you watch a single video, can’t make you show up every day to do the tasks, can’t flip your ‘on’ switch. You have the divine power. All of that is up to you. And that takes commitment. Not to me but to yourself. I’m committed to giving you the BEST of what I have and what I KNOW to help you reach your goal. The rest is up to you.

Here’s everything you get when you take the challenge today

take the “Website Creation challenge” &
Create your Website in 3 Days


it’s FREE

Ready To Launch your

New Website 3 Days from now?

Get Daily Training, Coaching, and FREE Templates EVERY DAY for 3 Days!

100% Risk FREE Guarantee

You’re Protected By Unconditional 15 day Guarantee

We so much believe in you, the program and it’s value that we’re giving you an unconditional 15 Day money-back guarantee.

In other words: If for any reason you’re not happy and satisfied with the program, simply send us an email requesting a refund and you’ll get an instant refund. It’s that easy.

Next steps

Sign Up for the next Challenge – always starting Fridays
Attend LIVE Class with Screenshare & Get Access to Theme & Layouts
Create & Launch – in 3 Days You have Your Website Online

Thanks for being here

You are wonderful.
See you at the challenge 🙂

Excited to see you at the challenge 🙂 Made with by Lovepixel
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