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Speed optimized WordPress hosting

Speed Optimized for WordPress

We monitor your website’s speed on a daily basis and intervene when necessary to increase uptime & performance.

Strong CPU + 5GB RAM

We run our servers on strong CPUs and 5GB RAM

Unlimited Email Accounts

We run your website through our website health check initially so you get an overview of what we can do for you. 

Modern Server infrastructure

All our servers run on modern SSD hard drives. This speeds up reading & writing power of your website.

monthly secure backups

We backup your site regularly in case anything goes wrong. This includes mistakes you might make the mess your site up.

Unlimited Visits/month

We run on servers that are strong enough to handle any traffic amount

1-Click WordPress Installs

We securely update your website so that in case anything goes wrong you can always revert back to the working version before.

vulnerability & security checks

We use WordFence for your WordPress Security. It protects your site from bots, attacks, malware, hacking and more.

24/7 SMS support

Our goal is for you to LOVE your website & to fix errors as soon as possible. This is why we have 24/7 WhatsApp Support. In fact why don’t you text us something fun right now?


All our hosting plans come with lifetime FREE SSL certificates, for secure transaction & better SEO.

Over $1500 of Premium plugins

& Website Services Included!

Success Stories

Lovepixel has created an excellent website for my business. I get clients and inquiries from all over the U.S. If there is problem or I need to update, Lovepixel is quick and reliable to get the job done…I highly recommend them for any of your website needs.

Katrina T.

Founder & CEO,

This team has been amazing to work with. They built me a beautiful website and the their maintenance service is top notch for the price you pay. Highly recommend!
Preston Smiles

Motivational Speaker & Bestselling Author,

These guys are great to work with! Always professional, prompt, and they do awesome work. I have used them on several projects and I am never disappointed. I highly recommend giving them your business.
Maria F.

Bestselling Author of Live Your Happy,

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