E-Commerce is hot and trendy right now.
A lot of our customers are wanting to start their own brands or expand on existing one.

No matter if your product is new or established, your web presence needs to be on-par with current design trends because bad design equals bad product in the eyes of your customers.

You can check out how the best eCommerce development companies develop their designs & implement those trends; I strongly suggest reading this article on top eCommerce Development Companies in the USA.

1. Asymmetric Layouts
Most websites are grid-based, obsessively orderly bland fields were playing it safe is the order of the day. Not that well-arranged homepages are a sin, but in 2020, asymmetrical structures are receiving adoptions in a bold bid towards flourishing individuality, brutalism, and unbalanced fun and enthusiasm.

Personal websites, in particular, are increasingly taking this idea to titan levels. Broken-grid structures are especially appealing due to their perceived uniqueness and dogged assertiveness.

2. Microinteractions
I’m sure you’ve seen it before: microinteractions.
Little animations, hover-effects & interactions that make a site come to life.
These are very hot in 2020 – expect to see more of this.

3. Geometric Shapes & Layers
Currently very trendy as well are geometric shapes & layers.
Since simplistic web design can get quite boring for the eye, geometric shapes and layers help to keep it interesting and engaging for the user.

4. Bold Colors & Fonts
Not only that. Going against the grain, where most web designs have defaulted towards safe shades and shadows, demonstrates a brand’s forward-thinking, daring, and even eccentric personality. And, depending on that particular brand’s target market, that can be a great thing that induces loyalty and association.

It helps that more device screens are adopting In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, which will make bold colors stand out beautifully for the world to enjoy.

5. Illustrations & Hand-drawings
With the web design process being standardized through page builders & design tools becoming more widespread, it is advisable to use unique graphics to look different from competitors.
Illustrations and Hand-drawings are great for that.